Arkansas Youth Fishing Tournament

The Arkansas Youth Fishing Foundation (AYFF) was created by a group of people with a common goal, that every young person in Arkansas have the opportunity to be part of a fishing organization. We felt that with the explosion of youth and high school fishing clubs in the state and around the nation that one of the first jobs at hand was to create a network of communication for all youth fishing clubs across the state to be able to advertise their tournaments and events so that other clubs and youth anglers would have the opportunity to participate. The Arkansas Youth Fishing Foundation has organized a state-wide tournament trail that begins each fall and concludes in the spring. The locations chosen for these tournaments provide our youth anglers an opportunity to complete on many different fisheries.This tournament trail is unique in that it will be two tournaments in one. We have our Junior Division, ages 10-15, competing in one series while simultaneously having our High School Division, age 16-senior in high school, competing in another series. Both of these series will make up one tournament. Our tournament trail will be a state-wide tournament team event in which our teams will compete for prizes and points. Our season will culminate with a AYFF State Championship Tournament where qualifying teams will compete for prizes and college scholarships.

2017-2018 Schedule

Revised 9-25-17

September 17, 2017                      Lake DeGray (Iron Mountain)

October 15, 2017                           Greers Ferry (Sugar Loaf Ramp)

December 3, 2017                         Lake Millwood (Yarlboro Landing)

February 17, 2018                         Lake Greeson (TBD)

March 10, 2018                              Lake Dardanelle (State Park)

April 7, 2018                                   Lake Hamilton (Fish Hatchery)

April 21, 2018                                 Greers Ferry (Devils Fork)(UACCM)

June 1-3, 2018                                Championship (TBD)

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